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I’ve had a small business for around 2-3 years and ever since my computer system was setup, I’ve always had issues. I went to so many different IT companies and was told that it was just the area and building I was in and that there would be no way to fix the issues I had. I was experiencing internet drop outs, and was supposed to have printers and scanners set up but the IT companies chose to work when they wanted to. Finally a colleague recommended I call Charles Apeler at NY Technology Professionals.

From the first phone call I knew I was finally in the right hands.  He listened as I explained my issues and actually seemed to care and want to help me. He came to my business only a few days after I first called him and saw a couple of issues right away. He went through everything and explained it in a way I could understand and made sure I knew what was going on before he did anything. In the end, I added new devices like routers and switches and tuned up all of my computers. After he was done I was able to do everything I needed to do for work like printing, scanning and even sharing folders so I could access certain files wherever I am in the office. They were great! They took care of all my problems and for a reasonable price. Whenever I need help I just call NY Technology Professionals and I know I will be taken care of. THANKS NY Tech Pros!

-Zach Bischoff

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